Siggraph 2023 Panel

From Cinematography to Virtual Reality:
The Ever Advancing Tools of Storytelling


Jacquelyn Ford Morie
Founder, Chief Scientist.
All These Worlds

Linda Ricci,
CEO / Founder,
Decahedralist Consulting


Brett Leonard,
Director, Lawnmower Man,
Co-Founder Studio Lightship, Hollywood Director

Deirdre V Lyons,
Co-Founder Ferryman Collective

Joanne Popińska,
Award Winning Director “The Choice VR” & Founder, Creative Director, Infinite Frame Media

Keram Malicki-Sanchez,
Founder, Executive Director FIVARS – Festival of International Virtual & Augmented Reality Stories, Founder, Director
VRTO Spatial Media World Conference

In the past century cinematography became an art form of very sophisticated storytelling. In just over 100 years it advanced from initial attempts using a fixed camera to translate stage to screen, to the current broad sweeping digital techniques that have revolutionized the industry.

The tools at creatives’ disposal have continually advanced in leaps and bounds in the attempt to communicate artistic vision with more clarity, precision, and creative control; there has never been a wider range of choices available to harness in the pursuit of rich storytelling.

Taking that one step further, the newest available tool is virtual reality, a technology that, while it appeared on the scene a half century ago, has recently matured to a level that promises to deliver an as-yet-unimagined level of immersion, interaction and engagement.

While VR brings new opportunities, it also creates unique challenges to the traditional narrative linear storytelling format. This panel will explore the embodied richness of experience that virtual reality presents – as well as the opportunities for a new kind of storytelling – with leading practitioners who are pushing these tools to their limits and going beyond to create the future of entertainment.

Panelists are leaders in the field, and come from a variety of backgrounds. They provide important an diverse perspectives into this new storytelling tool: coming from filmmaking, journalism, animation, fine art, and immersive building, each brings a part of the fuller picture of what these tools and this medium can become.

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