Face Swapping: Deepfakes

Face-swapping celebrity faces onto porn performers’ bodies (“Deepfakes”). It’s a thing

Yes, it’s about porn….but it’s not: if Photoshop has played a major role in bending “reality” the point where no one believes a photo any more, just wait until the same “bending reality” happens easily, with video. How will anyone know what’s “real” ??

Will there be clipart galleries, just waiting for faces to be superimposed on them?

What about superimposing faces on bodies in VR? – wonder if actors will make deals with entertainment producers to license their faces into VR/AR content, not at the studio level (that’s a big “duh” – is cheaper and less hassle than actually dealing with a live person) but as something fans can pay to use in their own content (dare I say it, fantasies?).

I did talk a little bit about this back in 2011. It is obviously, an inevitability – a natural progression of visual manipulation. But are we ready for this? Legally? Ethically?



Alternative uses for VR: Training for real life

This is an excellent case study in how VR can be used for training. Of all types. Some of the commenters don’t understand why inmates get to “play” with VR for free, while “regular” people can’t afford headsets…VR can be about play, of course; but it’s also a powerful tool to help someone “practice” interacting with others. It’s potentially a huge empathy building tool. I was asked this morning how it could be used to train young women to deal with bullying, and harassment, for example. Will give that one a think too.