Slightly uncanny valley

Wow. So. Uncanny valley…one {really bad} selfie and the Pinscreen app maps my face to a 3d avatar from their library (nb: all the female avatars are ridiculously uber sexed up – no, that’s not my body).

It follows what my face is doing as well –  with “AR” mode my face was mapped to my boyfriend’s body, with the real room in the background. Amazing how quickly this is all developing; that’s 3 examples in the last few weeks of technology that can quickly, and sometimes – on the fly, create 3d avatars from existing faces and instantaneously apply realistic, real time motion.

PS you’d think with all this technology, they’d at least also have a “beauty filter” button.

PPS: If anyone’s interested in Pinscreen’s fascinating paGAN technology for photorealistic 3D avatar synthesis from a single picture, this is their video “Deep Learning-Based Photoreal Avatars” that they presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018 in Tokyo.

Linkedin post: STOs and VC

…here’s the body of my Linkedin post commentary on Tony Perkins’ Medium post, “It’s the end of VC as we know it: The tokenization of private company investment has arrived—and we will all be happier because of it.”

The tokenization of the VC business: STOs – asset backed cryptocurrency. I’ve long been watching (and, umm, arguing lol) with the fanboys (so far, it has been only boys) about the viability, long term possibility – and even safety of cryptocurrencies (NB: not blockchain. It’s a solid technology).

I’ve even been known to say, “It’s like the dutch tulip frenzy of the 1600s, without the tulips.” And I said it before other more famous people said it lol.

And increasingly, how sad it is that so many startup raised money with ICOs, which are now worth a fraction of the value they were worth at the time, if they were not converted to fiat. STOs might curtail the volatility as they are asset backed; but will this limit the startups that have access to raising money this way? – hearkens back to the olde skool SBA loans, where you could get one – if you had a physical asset to put up as collateral. And while I know you can technically call the company you’re starting an *asset*, for me that gets into sticky territory, when you’re still getting it all running and there’s not much really there yet.