Creativity permeates everything I do. I am an award winning multi-disciplinary artist, creating across a variety of medium: hot glass, ceramics, textiles, metalsmithing, silk screening, graphic design – and digital art; which I’ve been doing all along as well. I’m always tinkering, playing, experimenting and creating.

My focus has increasingly been on creating magical and colorful 3D art for virtual reality. My art tends to be jewel colored and whimsical modeling, incorporating elements of previous art forms – often including “glass, gemstones and precious metals.” I post irregularly on Instagram, mostly because I’m having too much fun creating to remember to upload.

3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

…and for all those Blender fans, yes, have a doughnut as well. Only mine has green “jimmies” in my sprinkles (a Philadelphia joke), and a pink teacup.