This looks like fun

Looks like a great Game! It’s called Mindshow – it’s a VR game that’s multiplayer and recordable, so you can share the experience.

Those are both things that are currently not really the case in VR – most are only you in the world, and not shareable. So this is a leap forward. Definitely more fun as a game if you can play against someone in the same world!

Now it’s just waiting for 1) a way to “feel” interaction (pressure suits anyone?) and 2) move without 3) throwing up. Don’t worry, there are lots of companies working on solving all three of these things. Pretty soon we’ll never have to actually be in reality again.


Princess Leia calling

Have to do a bit more poking around to see how much of this is actually currently working, and how much is “concept” / for the video, but it certainly would be huge! Reminds me of Princess Leia’s hologram in the original Star Wars. Imagine how this would revolutionize business; no more traveling.

Excuses for mixing my science fiction metaphors, but Holodeck anyone?!