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1/20 (anticipated) Co-author of the forthcoming book, “The Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts of Immersive Media,” being published by IGI Global. Chapter title: “Immersive Media and Branding: How being a brand will change and expand in the age of true immersion


11/18/19 Public Speaking
TEDx RoseTree
: “How VR Will Supercharge Grassroots Movements

8/19/19 Press
Quoted in Bloomberg article (8/19), “Deepfakes Can Help You Dance

“Linda Ricci, a consultant who’s worked in virtual reality and film, says Hollywood will eat up GANs technology, and that may not be a good thing. “The technologist and the artist in me thinks this is fantastic,” she says. “The flip side: It’s a scary, scary trend.”


5/11/18 Public Speaking
Creative Tech Week NY:  
Lightening talk, “My VR Vacation


5/18/17 Fireside chat / interviewer
ropelify Conference: Fireside chat  around “Music’s Interactive Future” with headlining performer Beatie Wolfe, in advance of her performance.

“Beatie Wolfe is an Anglo-American singer songwriter with a raw, acoustic, indie rock sound.  An innovator as much as a musician, described as “extraordinary” by Forbes, “ingenious” by Fast Company and “bleeding-edge” by WIRED, she is at the forefront of pioneering new formats for music. Wolfe has created a series of world’s-first designs that bridge the tangible and digital, including. the world’s first live 360 ̊ AR stream.  Her work has been featured in the world’s leading museums, festivals, conferences and received nominations across the music, tech and art fields. “

5/21/17 Panelist
Creative Tech Week NY,
 “The Future of VR/AR and Entertainment

10/16/17 Topic Table Moderator
 VR 20/20 Summit


5/21/17 Public Speaking
Empiricist League, “
The Paradox of Time: The Future of 3D Printing and How It Will Change The Way We Think About Everything