About me

cropped-img_20120606_090317-e14451068382631.jpgI started this blog (and its partner in crime, my facebook page) in 2010 because I loved musing, pondering, meandering through the wide ranging and quickly morphing subject of emerging tech, and how it’s changing our world (changing us in the process): what’s happening out there, through the lens of sociology, psychology, humanity – and business opportunities.

Hence “Decahedralist“: the name I gave to my strategy consulting firm, as the subject is complicated (the shape, not the pronunciation!) and has many facets.

Professionally I’m a “dot connector” delivering strategic thought leadership & innovative business solutions when disruptive technologies are transforming consumer behavior.

In other words, I help businesses stay competitive when things are changing really quickly.

My professional career has included business, corporate and marketing strategy consulting, line management and entrepreneurship; I figure it out, vision it, then make it happen.

I’ve had the privilege to work internationally with some of the biggest and best: Technicolor, Hewlett-Packard, Hampton Inn, Fisher Price, Kraft, Sanofi Aventis, Bacardi, A&E Television Networks, TDK Electronics, British Telecom – and many more, as well as startups in a variety of phases.

Most recently I founded an early seed stage Augmented Reality startup, Djinnio – intending to transform the children’s publishing world with “above the book” experiences. Unfortunately the reality of funding got in the way of growth, so I am out there, looking to join my next team.

We all contain multitudes. In addition to a fascination with technology, I’m a lifelong avid artist and maker, often (but not always) combining my love of tech with creation.

Sometimes I’m completely about getting my hands dirty (I’m an award winning jewelry designer / metalsmith) – working with some of the most ancient, manually intensive techniques out there – and sometimes not: from graphic design to Cad, to high end 3d programs – I’m always tinkering, playing, experimenting and creating.

This visual bent has taken me to some interesting places; I’m probably one of the few business school graduates to have an IMDB credit for working (nights!) in visual effects  for the movie industry at The Moving Picture Company in London (albeit as the bottom monkey in the monkey barrel).

This intersection of art and technology – and being a very visual person – means that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have a special place in my heart. I’m fascinated with where the technology will go, and what we’ll be able to experience with it.

Read more about me at www.LinkedIn.com/in/LindaRicci
Consulting company: Decahedralist Inc.
Email: linda@lindaricci.com