Innovation in unexpected ways

Innovation isn’t always grandiose, or complicated, requiring teams of badly dressed nerds in disheveled clothes working around the clock…don’t know if that last bit applies or not in this case, but this elegantly simple solution to real problems caught my eye; edible disposable cutlery.

Cutlery you say? Innovative? – apparently India throws away 120 BILLION plastic spoons forks and knives a year. And that’s a lot. Not just because I’m a closet tree-hugger, but because India has a particular problem with trash disposal – and drought.

So this wonderful solution emerged: made from Millet (a grain that is highly nutritious and uses much less water than rice), they are flavored and baked and stay crispy even with liquids – but can be eaten afterwards. If they are, they are nutritious; if they aren’t, they completely biodegrade within 45 days. They even have a shelf life of 3 years! No plastic, extra nutrition, little water…elegant and simple. Beautifully so.

Just wish they’d make some bowls and plates. I might feel a bit like I’m at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but the appeal of no dishes would be worth it.

Lucid trips

This virtual reality “experience” (it’s not really a game) does sound like serious fun…instead of the traditional combat-themed shoot ’em up aggression-based environment, this strives to create an out 0f body experience.

Lucid dreamsThe article’s author says it feels a lot like being Ironman! You’re floating and sinking and through using your virtual arm and hand positions, interact with different worlds. There is apparently a game component as well….

Virtual and other alternative reality experiencing is going to take off this year. And just like video killed the radio star, it will kill the flat screen video (we are after hyper visual creatures who like escapism). Articles screaming about VR addiction, and treatments, starting in 3…2…1..