About Me

Strategist. XR Evangelist. Board Member. Advisor. Artist.

Hello! I am a seasoned business strategist and leading expert in the Metaverse and its the impact on business, brands, and society.

My career has always centered around emerging technologies and their impact; we are in the middle of some of the most amazing transformations in human history, enabled by unrivaled connectivitiy and computing power. How we harness new technologies to achieve something together is crucial to our collective future.

I speak widely about the opportunities the Metaverse and all the technologies that contribute to making the future of the Metaverse work will bring.

As a business strategist with 20+ years of experience I advise executive management teams, helping some of the world’s most successful companies enter, market and monetize transformational and emerging technologies. Most recently I delivered global partnerships for Meta’s $150 million Immersive Learning Fund. I am currently focusing on select projects while actively engaging in career conversations.

And finally, when not pondering the future of technology and humanity I’m an avid 3D artist in the space.