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Addendum / Manufacturing and automation

A follow up article  by Technology Review addressing some of the points I touched on in my last blog post,” Learning to be Human“. “Those who would help displaced factory workers need to think much more urgently about how to … Continue reading

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Augmented reality: A primer

I recently had a friend who is a professional artist ask me to explain what the tech behind the PokemonGo phenomenon is, and how he can use it in his work. I’m pasting a bit of my response to him … Continue reading

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Practical augmented reality

This is a great example of a practical application of augmented reality (and it’s not Pokemon Go, although that’s getting people into shape!): a sign translator, instantly converting signs into a language you can read. These sorts of applications will eventually be … Continue reading

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2016 Internet trends

Yes. it’s long – but a quick read. Synopsis: things are slowing, China and India are the hotspots for growth, Android outsells Apple about 5:1 (!) – voice is the future. Would have liked to see a deeper dive into … Continue reading

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Lucid trips

This virtual reality “experience” (it’s not really a game) does sound like serious fun…instead of the traditional combat-themed shoot ’em up aggression-based environment, this strives to create an out 0f body experience. The article’s author says it feels a lot like … Continue reading

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