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Practical augmented reality

This is a great example of a practical application of augmented reality (and it’s not Pokemon Go, although that’s getting people into shape!): a sign translator, instantly converting signs into a language you can read. These sorts of applications will eventually be … Continue reading

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Princess Leia calling

Have to do a bit more poking around to see how much of this is actually currently working, and how much is “concept” / for the video, but it certainly would be huge! Reminds me of Princess Leia’s hologram in … Continue reading

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Tech trends from CES 1/2016

All three areas that were “hot” this year at CES this year: robots, drones, and virtual reality – are a subset of the larger trend of artificial intelligence.  

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Creating an alternate life

As an old ex-Second Lifer, and a huge fan of the commercial applications for both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; would love it if Second Life had, well, a second life. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Second Life … Continue reading

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Ho hum: Where’s the innovation?

Article out today on Fast Company, titled “The Smartphone Revolution is Over.” And I agree. In terms of form they’ve pretty much reached the limit of the current form factor. They got small, now they’re getting bigger, flatter, bigger screens, etc. … Continue reading

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