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Our poor planet

Invited to the Coburn Ventures‘ annual gathering as a “thought leader” this week, for the fourth year in a row! – always a fun gathering of the best and most interesting thinkers (thought leaders + investment professionals) from around the … Continue reading

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Presenting 3d printing

Hah! An action shot of me presenting at the Empiricist League about 2 years ago, on the future impact of 3D printing….dug up by a friend of mine. Proud I am. I was presenting after George Musser (former senior editor for … Continue reading

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Quantifying apparel

Fascinating work on invisibly embedding technology that measures us throughout the day (and night?)…someday wearables will be disposable, 3D printed textile-based “devices” that can measure whatever we, and our doctors deem important (or maybe…not so important; I call that navel … Continue reading

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Kayak for 3D Printing “3DPrintler” Turns Down 7-Figure Investment Offer

What an great idea! With the plethora of 3D printing services popping up, instead of having to upload a model to each, choose the materials and do a price comparison – this is brilliant. Of course 3D printing isn’t generic though, … Continue reading

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I’m presenting at The Empiricist League Tuesday, June 11th

If you want to see me in action, I’m presenting Tuesday (tomorrow) night on the “Future of Fast….How 3D printing is speeding up how we make everything” for the Empiricist League in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m be touching on different aspects … Continue reading

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