Tying it all together

Facial Recognition Service Becomes a Weapon Against Russian Porn Actresses

Giggle that it’s used to target porn actresses, but facial recognition is a big threat to privacy in the coming future: I blogged in 2011 how when it reached the point where it can tie together social networks and websites (plus content, as in the actress’ case) and staying anonymous will be impossible. Tie in surveillance, CCTV, traffic light, and other cameras and – you can be tracked 24/7.


Body Stickers

*This* is the future of wearables – the Fitbit plastic wristbands and other variants are merely temporary in between steps to discreet, personal stickers.

No larger than a postage stamp and as thin as a human hair, these devices consist of an antenna and thinned near-field communication chip mounted onto a stretchable adhesive.  Disposable, wearable anywhere on the body – these can be used wherever, and whenever is necessary.

The implications for the personal data being gathered and shared with healthcare providers and insurance companies is another frontier in privacy, that personally I feel reaches Gattaca levels.