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Princess Leia calling

Have to do a bit more poking around to see how much of this is actually currently working, and how much is “concept” / for the video, but it certainly would be huge! Reminds me of Princess Leia’s hologram in … Continue reading

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Presenting 3d printing

Hah! An action shot of me presenting at the Empiricist League about 2 years ago, on the future impact of 3D printing….dug up by a friend of mine. Proud I am. I was presenting after George Musser (former senior editor for … Continue reading

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Quantifying apparel

Fascinating work on invisibly embedding technology that measures us throughout the day (and night?)…someday wearables will be disposable, 3D printed textile-based “devices” that can measure whatever we, and our doctors deem important (or maybe…not so important; I call that navel … Continue reading

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2016 Internet trends

Yes. it’s long – but a quick read. Synopsis: things are slowing, China and India are the hotspots for growth, Android outsells Apple about 5:1 (!) – voice is the future. Would have liked to see a deeper dive into … Continue reading

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