Kayak for 3D Printing “3DPrintler” Turns Down 7-Figure Investment Offer

What an great idea! With the plethora of 3D printing services popping up, instead of having to upload a model to each, choose the materials and do a price comparison – this is brilliant. Of course 3D printing isn’t generic though, if you’re not printing on the same machine / resolution and quality. Still, what a fabulous idea.

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Getting away from it all

Every flight attendant’s dream! Rows of people completely immersed in being somewhere else 🙂

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Russian startup wins US face recognition competition 

A Russian startup, N-Tech.Lab, just won a face recognition competition hosted by the Unversity of Washington. “Their algorithm, which is based on a neural network, achieved a 73.3% rate of accuracy compared to 70.496% for Google’s FaceNet v8.

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There’s an Oculus Rift Room in the works

Reminds me of the short science fiction story where the children let the virtual reality room lion eat their parents when they try to take them out of the VR room  (The Veldt by Ray Bradbury) …. from Upload VR: “This could be an interesting twist in the upcoming VR wars but Palmer thinks room scale is “fantasy that few games will utilize.”

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The next iteration of Photoshop – you’ll never be able to believe a video again!

This video shows the freaky results of research underway at the University of Washington: how easy it is to make it look like people said something they never did at all.


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