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Disparity and consequences: How technology will create an opportunity divide

Technology – particularly the Internet – was hailed as “the great leveler” in the early days, and indeed it many ways it has been. But I was struck by a comment on someone’s post today, that both of his grandchildren – … Continue reading

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Disruptive cataclysms? The impact of rapidly changing technology

Technology – and the “rapid changes” everyone is talking about – is being hailed as a disruptive force. Most recently Mark Zuckerberg used the term to describe the future business landscape, and how Facebook (or rather, erm, “social networking”) was at … Continue reading

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Twitter me smart(er): Intelligence and social networking

I’ve seen a whole spate of articles like this one in the recent few months that frankly, raise my hackles (what is a hackle, actually?) The reason is the premise is all wrong. They are claiming that the technology – in … Continue reading

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My way? Branding in a personalized world

I follow comments on articles and posts with not-so-always-as-unattached-as-it-should-be bemusement; quite often the article/post is more of a catalyst than an actual source of information. I’m struck by a thought tonight though, after a particularly vitriolic back-and-forth session on a … Continue reading

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Virtual me

A few years ago I met with a company that was in start up phase, with a cool vision: they were developing body scanning software (not new) BUT – and this is the cool part – they were taking it … Continue reading

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