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It’s not about the technology, it’s about people

Here’s a great presentation ( which got me musing on one of my favorite mental riffs: how it’s not about the technology, it’s about understanding human behavior. Which has always been my position. Here’s why.  There are a gazillion different start ups, … Continue reading

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Disintermediating the entertainment industry

I’ve been thinking a lot about “entertainment content”, people’s increasing demands for what they want / when they want it, and the proliferating host of gadgets that are on the market. I mean, we have a “phone”, a “tv”, and … Continue reading

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The copyright paradigm shift

A video clip was going viral today on Facebook (maybe elsewhere too): Banksy’s intro to the Simpsons episode last night. Pure genius. Problem is, within hours 20th Century Fox – the owners of the content – had pulled it from … Continue reading

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Blurring the line (channeling Neo): Virtual relationships

Increasingly people seem to be blurring the line between the virtual and “real”. Continue reading

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Developing the Grand Unified Theory

I muse on the intersection of three subjects constantly: Technology: I’m fascinated by how we use it, interact with each other using it, and how it’s changing us. Culture: That amorphous, nebulous, indescribable water we swim in. Psychology: Fascinating. How … Continue reading

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